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Train. Prepare. Compete.

130+ trained clients on Wall Street

8 Middle Market Companies Advised

100% Client Satisfaction

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. 

Trading Floor

Financial training

Comprehensive training in financial modeling & analysis:

1. 3-Statement Models

2. Valuation

3. LBO Models

4. M&A Models

Business advisory & Valuation

Offer various advisory and valuation assistance services to firms of all sizes on:

1. Operations decisions

2. Capital raising 

3. Product feasibility & impact

4. Financial models/forecasts 

private investments

Various investment opportunities including: 

1. Start-ups

2. Crypto farms

3. Distressed turnaround

- Dan, Los Angeles, CA

Highly captive raw energy and makes learning the finance game a whole different experience...the first person in my life that made it all click, made it all manageable and logic, and finally made it possible to start finding my fluency - and quickly! 

- Georgia, Los Angeles, CA

Has improved my investing thought process and helped me out of a rut at work. Qualified and diverse experience make for a great resource who can handle any question/problem!

- Phil, Syracuse, NY

Any entrepreneur looking to upgrade their financial planning and presentation, or any professional seeking to learn from an expert financial analyst and experienced teacher, should end their search here.

George, New York, NY 

As a first-year student at a top 10 MBA program recruiting for coveted investment banking internships, the technical portion of interviews is a make or break. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to go into the finance world needing a technical edge.

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