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Private Investments Overview 

Below is an overview of some of our past engagements and investments:


Crypto Farms, Perfume, Tech, Hair Products, Personal Care 



Short Term (Under 1 Year) & Long Term (Over 1 Year)

In Need of Capital? 

We can provide investments in a variety of industries and business cycles. Whatever your needs, we can lend a financial hand and provide guidance to meet your growth goals. Growth is specific to each company and deserves tailored investments and advisement to grow in a way efficient for the company. In the past, we have worked with seed-stage companies, active growth companies, to distressed investments. Your company's expansion is our priority and what we do best.

Previous Capital Raising & Selling 

National Hair Products Company

Mobile Battery Company

1. Distressed company in need of capital injection and management turnaround

2. $700MM in cumulative revenues

3.  Over 150 total products, helped oversee launch and development of new products 

1. Secured seed-stage company

2. $1BN blue-ocean opportunity

3. Product market fit established  

Financial Data

In need of an investment? 

Let's chat! 

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